12 Number Plate Ideas for Gamers


Customized number plates are a fun way to express your personality and identity through your car. It lets people know the things you value. At the same time, it kind of hides the age of your car. By avoiding the traditional plate, people can’t determine when the vehicle was bought or made.

The best part – you don’t have to be a millionaire to get a personalized number plate. For a few hundred bucks, you can have a superb license plate customized to reflect your personality. If you’re an avid gamer hoping to show your love for the sport or a particular game with your license plate, read on for a few creative ideas.

How to Come up with Personalized Number Plate Ideas


Before we get to the actual tips, it would help you to know a common method people use to generate creative license plate numbers. It’s known as auto-numerology, i.e., the art of exchanging numbers for letters on plates to create unusual and unique plate numbers.

The following are a few auto-numerology tips that have been used for decades;

  • 0 is used to represent the letter O
  • 1 is used to represent the letter I
  • 2 is used to represent the letters R or Z
  • 3 is used to represent the letter E
  • 4 is used to represent the letter A
  • 5 is used to represent the letter S
  • 6 is used to represent the letters B, C, or G
  • 7 is used to represent the letters T or Y
  • 8 is used to represent the letter B
  • 9 is used to represent the letter G
  • 10 is used to represent IO (I and O)

The list is endless. But, you can see how you could play around with the letters and numbers to generate a completely unique plate number for your car.

For instance, if you want to write the phrase “Grand Theft Auto V” without spelling the actual letters, you can use numbers “974V” with 9 denoting G (grand), 7 denoting T (theft), and 4 taking the place of the A (auto). The “V” represents “5th Generation.”

You can also use hyphens or dots between the letters to bring out your true personality. Some people, for instance, will write 9-7-4-V while others may choose 974:V. The choice is yours.

Another trick many people use is creating whole words from single letters or a few letters and numbers. The following are a few examples;

  • You can write the words Be or Bee instead of B
  • You can write the words See or Sea instead of C
  • You can use the word Gee instead of the letter G
  • You can write the word Jay instead of the letter J
  • You can write the word Kay instead of the letter K
  • You can use the words Elle or El instead of the letter L
  • The words Tee or Tea may replace the letter T
  • The word You can replace the letter U
  • The word Why can replace the letter Y

Here too, the list is endless. Moreover, combinations of letters may be spelled with just one word. For examples;

  • The letters RC may together be replaced by the word Arsey
  • The letters MA may together be replaced by the word Emma
  • The letters XS may together be replaced by the word Excess
  • The letters KT may together be replaced by the words Katy or Katies

The same approach works for numbers. Instead of writing the number, you can use a word that sounds like it. The following are a few examples;

  • You can replace the number 1 with the words Won or One
  • You can replace the number 2 with the words Two, To, or Too
  • You can replace the number 4 with the words For or Four
  • You can replace the number 8 with the words Ate or Hate

Finally, you can also use fillers to get your message across. Fillers are called so because they help you “fill” the plate if you don’t have enough numbers. A few filler options include;

  • X – to represent kiss or kisses
  • S/Z – to make a word possessive or a plural
  • Repeating the first or last letter or number

12 Number Plate Ideas for Gamers

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Now that you know a few tactics people use to create a customized license plate, you can spend some time developing the perfect customized plate number for your car. However, if you’re short on time, the following are 12 excellent ideas to consider.

NB: The license plates discussed below aren’t exclusively created from the methods discussed above. Indeed, the majority are the result of people just getting extra creative.

  • W11

This is for people who love the Wii from Nintendo. The Wii was initially one of the most popular gaming platforms. Wii Sports and Wii Fit/Plus were particularly very popular only a few years ago. Although newer games on other platforms have stolen the limelight, you can still express your love for the WII as a platform or the various famous games on the platform.

Or, you can get a little creative and replace some of the letters with numbers. For example, you can replace the double II with double ones. So, instead of writing WII, you could write W11.

  • SEGA 

Aside from Nintendo, another gaming platform that excited the masses perhaps half a decade ago or slightly earlier was SEGA. Who can forget Total War and Yakuza or the thrill of Hedgehog? The three are considered some of the best arcade games ever made.

So, while others argue over Microsoft and Sony, you can show everyone that you still cherish the yesteryears. Here too, you can go with the plain “SEGA” on your plate or add a touch of creativity by sprinkling a few numbers here and there.


We all have our favorite games – the ones you can play over and over, for years. If your favorite happens to be The Legend of Zelda, why not let everyone know about it by displaying it on your plate? In any case, the game has sold over 7.6 million copies worldwide to date, selling at least 300,000 copies in its week of release.

Since you may not have all the real estate to write the entire phrase “Legend of Zelda,” you’re allowed to crop out the “Legend” part. Actually, it sounds better as just “Of Zelda,” doesn’t it?

  • Eat Sleep Game

Yes, if that’s all you live for, then it’s another worthwhile option for your license plate. Here too, you can play around with hyphens and dots to create the perfect plate for your car. For example, you can have a hyphen rather than spaces between the words. Or, you can opt for dots.

Some people also add a capital X between the words to create. It’s inherently all about what you like. If the plate is a little too small to fit all the letters in the three words, you can replace them with numbers to achieve the same spellings.


Wheatley, the adorable, dumb, and delightfully devious Space Core in Portal 2, is one of the most favorite characters in video gaming to date. It’s likely there are still millions of gamers who read “space” in the voice of the character.

If you played the game and it’s one of your favorites even today, then you should consider getting “SPAAACE” on your plate. Could be a great source of some comic relief during a salty drive, wouldn’t you agree?

  • Lara C

Lara Croft, the fictional character and main protagonist in the video game franchise, Tomb Raider, makes another excellent license plate number choice. The highly intelligent and athletic English archeologist spends most of her time venturing into tombs and hazardous ruins. Just adorable!

Many gamers already have posters of her in their entertainment centers/rooms. Maybe you even have a picture of her in the car. Anyway, if you’re inspired or excited by her ventures, or just her as a character, getting her name on your car plate would be a great idea.

  • Resident Evil

This may not be a very attractive option for everyone, but for the few that love the game, why not show it by having the name inscribed on your license plate? Alternatively, you can choose to go with one of the characters. Options that come to mind include Ada Wong, Nemesis, and Tyrant.

It’s usually a good idea to capitalize every letter in the name, especially if you’re dealing with a single-word name or a few characters. But, you’re equally at liberty to capitalize only the first letter, especially when using multi-word names.

  • Game Stream

This would mostly make a stupendous name for an online video store. But, nothing stops you from having it on your car plate as well. It shows that you’re a fan of streaming videos. It also sounds a little more modern than traditional names on the plate.

We’d also like to mention that this is one case where you can use fillers to personalize the name further. Adding a “Z” at the end of the second word such that the plate reads “Game StreamZ,” for instance, makes it sound swanky.

  • End Mode 

A couple of gamer stores already use the name, and there are at least a few plates with variances of the name. But, yes, it’s another perfect option to consider for your number plate. “Mode” here could be a subtle reference to the multiple modes in a video game.

Alternatively, you may also consider “End Game” Avenger’s style. It’s difficult to pick which of these two makes a better plate number. But that’s the beauty of it, right? You have plenty of options. Feel free to leave space at the end, then add XX.

  • Alpha Game

People use the word “Alpha” for many reasons and in different circumstances. It could mean “supreme,” or sometimes it’s a code name for the letter “A.” In some scenarios, it also denotes someone powerful.

Whichever way you choose to use it, the letter or even word can be a sweet choice for the gamer. What’s better, you can spell out the entire word “Alpha” or choose to use the Greek letter “α.” Even A-Game sounds exceptional. Alternatively, you can use the Alpha symbol alongside the word “Gamer” rather than “Game.” That way, you’ll have something like “A-Gamer.”

  • Curious Craft

This name is already taken, which isn’t a surprise really, as it’s without double one of the coolest gamer names you can have on your plate without sounding obsessed. It shows that you value the curious nature of the adventure games out there. And it’s a name that should get along without a fuss.

Again, feel free to add fillers. A “Z” at the end of the word “Craft,” for instance, makes it sound a lot better. Even “S” introduces some continuity in the name. We approve of both, though it works just as well without the fillers.

  • Super Ma1210

Finally, Super Mario has had more than 50 million downloads for a reason – it’s by far one of the most enjoyable games ever made. The Japanese platform game series and media franchise created by Nintendo and featuring the famous Mario has been played since 1985! So, it’s likely that you played it as a kid, and your kids do or will play it too at some point – it’s that good.

Spelling all the words “Super Mario” on your plate, however, isn’t very inspiring. A better approach would be to replace the “R” in Mario with 12 and the “IO” with a ten.

Ready to Give it a Try?

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The idea of these plate numbers is to get your creative juice flowing. However, you’re also free to “steal” some of them. Just remember that it’s about finding what best describes you. What game best describes you? How do you feel about a particular scene in one of your favorite games? Pick that part, stick it on your plate, and let everyone know about it.