30 Best Resources for Learning Game Development


Gaming has captured a considerable part of human life. To be more specific video gaming has gained passive popularity among the youngsters all thanks to the advancement of technology. A video game can be interpreted as an electronic game that could be conveniently played on personal computer, laptop, mobile phone and even gaming console.

The introduction of smartphones in the recent past has elevated the percentages of video game players in the worldwide market. Moreover many leading psychologists are of the opinion that video games positively influence the intelligent and smartness quotients of the players. The smart players are even likely to cultivate their observation artistry. With stunning graphics and outstanding pace of play video games have become a virtual reality.

It is no wonder that the game lovers are often triggered by the motivation to develop games all by themselves. The adequacy of resources on the internet has smoothly blended the path of technicality and creativity of lining video games. In order to master the grammar, practices, algorithms, programming language and tools of game development the following resources are sure to come to massive utility for the ones keen on developing games!

Gamedev (https://www.gamedev.net/)

GameDev is a celebrated website dedicated completely for game development. Individuals can readily avail the benefit of updating themselves on overall news in line with game development and enlighten themselves with the trending games in the market. The detailed articles and product reviews for example building and subsequently loading game code and the market assessment of Tetrimonos styled game are rich in knowledge. Moreover the tutorials section encompassing a detailed guide of game localization, conceiving the characters to be realistic and Shaders for the starters is truly enlightening.

Gamasutra (https://www.gamasutra.com/)

Gamasutra was conceived with the intention of lubricating the technicality of making online games. Apart from updating news of the game industry, Gamasutra has successfully set up its training portral including the tutorial on lining Startpoint Gemini 3 and the ways in which game publishers could enhance their productivity. It is a good deal to check the site for the game lovers looking out for astonishing game development aspects like art, programming, audio, production, design, and marketing.

Game Development tuts+ (https://gamedevelopment.tutsplus.com)

Tuts+ is a well fit companion for a game developer. The site is suitably filled with enriched online courses and free of cost tutorials designed by industry leaders. Thus the learners could expect a stunning expedition of developing and bricking their customized games. The learning guidelines encompassing bricking one’s first game, comprehending steering behavior and the Physics of the elementary 2D Platformer is well liked by the audience. From theory classes to polishing on game development software, one can avail it all from the popular site.

Game from Scratch (https://gamefromscratch.com/)

Game from Scratch provides a wholesome package of game development intricacies. Learners can plot the tutorials on programming language, artistry tools and Game engines with just a click. Moreover, the reviews and articles on Godot 4 Sneak Peak: Particle systems, utilizing blender on a laptop, and learning the PyGame are winning many hearts. They originally started as a text based knowledge imparter. But keeping pace with the trend they have been quick at launching informative video tutorials.

Lazyfoo (https://lazyfoo.net/tutorials/SDL/index.php)

Lazyfoo is just the right site for the game developers who are willing to shift from the text based game regime to the new advanced video game spree. It acts as a superb guide in achieving the aim of moving to a happening regime. The site triggers nostalgia with their presentation based on computer programming style. Individuals can empower themselves inside out with the C++ based programming tutorials.

Udemy (https://www.udemy.com/courses/development/game-development/)

Udemy provides an exclusive platform for game developers to master the technicality of coding and programming. Their most celebrated courses encompass Unity Game developer 2D and 3D, Unreal Engine C++ developer, RPG Core Combat Creator, Unreal Engine 4 showing intricacies of developing the very first two games, Unreal Engine 4 Mastery pin pointing the details of creating multiplayer game, Unreal Engine 4 focusing on the educating a beginner in the game world, Build your own first person Shooter and many more. Additionally learners can even polish themselves on the technique of creating sound effects in video games!

Game Analytics (https://gameanalytics.com/blog/gameanalytics-game-designers-perspective.html)

While lining anything technically enriched, it often demands check analysis and checks. Here comes to the picture Game Analytics. This powerful and absolutely free of cost analytical tool encompassing the essential knowledge of community, customer, performance and gameplay metrics forms the right hand of game developers. One can critically analyse and comprehend the behaviour of the players and hence can brick a popular game satiating demand of many. The other celebrated products offered by Game Analytics are A/B Testing, Benchmarks+ and data services.

Game Errors Blog (https://error-game.com/)

Game Errors as the name suggests comes as a rescue while dealing with issues relating to games development. The resource is quick at displaying to the developers quick and effective solutions to fix game errors, line a smooth functional game, how to enhance the online game character’s appeal, the detailed traits of Elo bossting service, and the review of Air pocket shooter game. From computer games, flash games, online and outdoor games, shooter games to even puzzles users are open to benefit from it all!

Coursera (https://www.coursera.org/)

Coursera acts as a trusted resource for the beginners in the domain of game development. It showcases step by step procedure of lining a new game. The best part of getting enlightened from the resource is that learners need not have prior knowledge base relating to programming. The platform displays game development grammar utilising a wide platter of languages and hence showcase diversity. Star collaborators with the platform could be named as Google, Duke University, IBM, Imperial College London, Illinois, Penn University and Stanford. Moreover certificates on completion of courses add value to the learning.

Unity Technology Blog (https://blogs.unity3d.com/)

Unity Technology Blog suffices all sorts of requirements of a game developer. Learners associating with the resource are offered tutorials on robust quality 2D and 3D games. The blogs on game experts who could positively influence your game development regime, how to create games utilising virtual LEGO bricks, and the celebrated news of The Unity Asset Store completing 10 glorious years are truly enchanting. Additionally knowledge on making the game compatible on a diverse platform like desktop, mobiles and consoles and further extension of leads to connect with enthusiastic customers makes the learners all in all equipped.

Stack Exchange – Game Development (https://gamedev.stackexchange.com/)

Many times essential inputs placed in the form of question and answers becomes extremely user friendly. Any independent and professional game developer can post questions hindering their path of lining a superb game. The ones with the answer post the same in the desired space. Thus in this interactive format resolving queries gets much better. Moreover the best answer bags the top medal via means of vote and is placed right at the top.

Dr Lewis Pulsipher– Game Design

Youtube has gained hearts of audiences across nations and across dimensions of life. A very highly celebrated channel on the platform namely Dr Lewis Pulsipher Game Design has shown path to many game designers. Dr Lewis has been in the field of writing on Game Design for considerable period of time. Needless to say his knowledge in the domain acts as a rich mine to the newcomers. Although the major focus of the tutorials in the channel is on game design yet game development videos are also present.

Walkerboystudio (http://www.walkerboystudio.com/wbstudio/)

Walker boy studio meets the demand of detailed tutorial displayed in quality videos with grace for the game developers. The HD quality videos and audio counterparts studded in the site come to convenience of all kinds of game developers. Creating new games, developing its designs, art, code and audio all becomes convenient with walker boy studio’s display of videos. The four major areas of expertise mastered by Walker boy studio are game development, consulting and training, software development, and curriculum designing.

GameInstitute (https://courses.gameinstitute.com/)

Game Institute is a platform set to resolve problematic issues relating to game development. It is a winning deal for the game lovers and developers to tap the detailed instructional study material, online courses, source codes, game lining tools, C++, animation, and a robust community aid of developers in the platform sitting at the comfort of homes. Their world class training, self convenient online learning, economical curriculum, game projects matched with commercial standards, and courses complemented with college level certification have majorly attracted a good population of gamers.

CodeCombat (https://codecombat.com/teachers/resources/gd1-5day)

It is always delighting to tap new methods of learning the most complex of things. Code Combat is a celebrate resource on the internet popular for their learning through games mode. The industry leaders are in charge of imparting coding knowledge via multiplayer video game regime. Thus for the ones with less patience to go through lectures, this resource is the perfect pick for learning game development. Gamers can readily follow them on social media platforms like Youtube, Facebook and Twitter.

Udacity (https://www.udacity.com/course/2d-game-development-with-libgdx–ud405)

The platform of Udacity offers a wide bucket of courses directional towards game development. Learners on successfully passing the courses are granted certificating recognising their enlightenment on the topic. This resource is especially well fitted for the ones willing to develop high end games. The programmes offered by the resources includes that of artificial intelligence, programming and development, cloud computing, and data science. Rich learning content, self paced learning and interactive quizzes make the learning journey all the more sparkling.

FutureLearn (https://www.futurelearn.com/subjects/it-and-computer-science-courses/game-development)

The conceivers of Future Learn had lined the site with the intention of imparting game development intricacies without killing the charm of the learning process. Thus learning here is always a sociable and fun filled affair. The apex educational institutions around the world associate with the platform to impact game development detailing. The ones interested in conceiving games compatible with personal computers, tablets and mobiles could find the platform meeting their demand with value. Learners could opt for short courses and online degrees to substantiate their learning experience.

Kongregate Developers Blog (https://blog.kongregate.com/)

The creators of the Kongregate Developers Blog have been operating in the market profoundly as the companion of free game developers. From blogs to news the resource covers up a wide dimension of items in the game development field. Plus their news and blog segment is extremely popular amongst game lovers. Learners could enrich themselves with the lesions on art & design, analytics and marketing strategies relating to game development.

Gamedesigning- Become a video game designer (https://www.gamedesigning.org/)

Gamedesigning acts as the perfect guide all throughout the journey of generating a winning idea of game to its final execution as a playable product. The wide platter of game design encompasses video game, card game, and board game. From acing game mechanics, core concept of game, designing characters, level design, to executing narrative and plot; the resource provides the entire bucket to the learners. Being a star game designer is no more difficult.

Cocos2d-x Developer Blogs (https://discuss.cocos2d-x.org/)

Cocos Forum extends to the learners a well designed tool package of game development. The learners intending to tap the details of game engine, scene editing, resource management, debugging, game previewing, and posting the final product on varied platforms could check out the resource. The number of posts published on the platform is as high as 30 each day. Hence there remains no doubt that the platter of knowledge is robust. It is ideal to make use of most of it.

War Clicks Development Blogs (https://blog.warclicks.com/)

The COVID 19 pandemic has made social distancing a necessity but employing technology to the fullest the creators of War Clicks Development Blogs have presented to the world its very first community oriented clicking game. The socially rich and community engaging game development is surely an unknown trend worth capturing in the domain.

Juego Studios Blog (https://www.juegostudio.com/blog)

Juego Studios Blog commenced operation as a dream game designing company. At the moment their operation is spread across a variety of additional technological domains. One could get a detailed platter of game development including console, mobile, pc, iOS, HTML5, android, AR, Unity3D, and cross platform game development. Apart from game development their other ventures encompass enterprise apps, VR & simulation and art & designing. Availing them all is surely a winning deal.

XSEED Games Blog (https://www.xseedgames.com/category/blog/)

The year 2009 witnessed the associated effort of industry experts with the common vision of bringing together gaming elements of North America and Japan. Thus came onboard XSEED Games Blog. News, blogs, games with high uniqueness quotients set to fit diverse genres and platforms one can tap it all in the resource.

SmartFoxServer Blog (https://smartfoxserver.com/blog/)

Landing in the Smart Fox Server site the visitors can easily find articles, news, recipes about game development. The resource is quick at developing multiplayer applications and games utilizing C++, Java, Universal Windows Platforms, and Android. It further has lined an active and informative support forum lined with documentation sets and robust administration tools.

Starloop Studios (https://starloopstudios.com/blog/)

Sttarloop Studios is a common name in the industry of game developers. Their game art services and game development intricacies have gained recognition in the worldwide stage. The blog publishes stunning tips and the technological advancement in the domain alongside updated news in the market regarding game development.

Game Wisdom – Theories on Game Design (http://game-wisdom.com/)

No matter what the concerning subject of study is, theory forms the base of any concept development. Game Wisdom pens articles and blogs concentrating on video games specializing on game theory, game industry, game design, and even critically analyze the functionality and performance of mainstream games. Getting smarter with games is now lucid.

Game Development Blog (https://www.gamedevelopment.blog/)

The learners landing on the website of Game Development Blog have a good chance of getting themselves enlightened regarding game development, all thanks to the guides and tutorials published on the site. Further they post computer related projects for the better learning expedition.

Youngstown Game Devs (https://youngstowngamedevelopers.com/)

Youngstown Game Devs is a self regulated game development group. Their tutorials and blogs are intended to enrich the knowledge base of individuals willing to develop games all by themselves. Thus setting steps in the technologically enriched entertainment field of gaming is convenient.

Game Developers Conference GDC (youtube.com/channel/UC0JB)

GDC is a worldwide platform set in Youtube. It is a grand event in the professional game industry. This space witnesses the union of producers, artists, programmers, game designers, audio professionals, and business strategy makers. The interactive sessions in the platform act as one of the best teacher to the world of games.

Brackeys ( youtube.com/user/Brackeys/vi)

Another stunning game developing learning platform on Youtube is Brackeys. Their growing popularity among game developers is credible owing to their package including the education of designing games, programs from the very scratch utilizing best performing software.