5 Best Earbuds for the Oculus Quest 2


Oculus Quest 2 is a virtual reality headset used to play virtual electronic games. This device’s design is headset-based and operates independently with any system allowing the device users to move freely from one place to another. Oculus Quest 2 comes with inbuilt games and a dominant graphics chip to enhance the device functioning and ensure that its users get the best gaming experience. Oculus Quest 2 was developed by a company named Oculus and distributed across the global market to meet its consumers’ needs. The manufacturing of these virtual reality devices usually comes with many additional requirements for supportive devices and software to ensure that they give their users the best experiences.

The primary supportive components of these devices are the software and drivers. Software embedded in this headset is responsible for controlling various features in the game. For example, controlling the gaming process, audio output, and finally brings about the interactive nature between the device’s users and the device. Combining all these factors brings about the realization of the device’s purpose, i.e., facilitating virtualized gaming, simulation of various training experiences such as swimming, racing, jumping from high places, and fighting.

The simulation of these activities stimulates emotional growth in these activities. It ensures that one can anticipate elements of the activity before they experience it in real life. This is based on the fact that the simulation brought about by these devices depicts how it would be in the real world. The Oculus Quest 2 headset is mounted on the head and covers the eyes of the user. After this, the user selects the game they want to play and plays with the chosen game’s instruction. When playing, various game outputs need to be adequately channeled to ensure that the desired results for visualization are achieved. The main output option for Oculus quest 2 is the audio output.

The devices are embedded with quality audio output devices. The experience with these inbuilt audio devices does not give Oculus Quest 2 users the experience they want. This calls for the use of other external devices to reinforce the device user experience. Multiple earbuds have been designed to suit the function of boosting one’s user experience.

The Oculus Quest 2 earbuds come in varying physical and functional features. Some of the main earbuds in the market seen to provide Oculus Quest 2 users with the best audio experience includes but is not limited to; Oculus Quest In-Ear Headphones, Logitech – G333 VR Earbuds, KIWI Design Earbuds, HyperX Cloud Earbuds, and the SpectraShell OQ9 Earbuds.

The Oculus Quest 2 is compatible with a wide range of earbuds but limited to only those with a 3.5mm audio jack pin. Its audio port is a 3.5mm pin. Audio ports in the Oculus Quest 2 are two, one at each side of the device. This allows the device to be usable on either side or both sides depending on the earbud cable configuration. The Oculus Quest 2 speakers are designed using a piped audio system that transmits the audio down the head strap and into the ears. This approach ensures that the device user gets an excellent spatial audio experience.

This audio system provides an essential audio connection to the devices. Some users, when using these devices, are seeking an immersive experience. This option can only be achieved using external earbuds to have good audio quality and have a higher immersion level to the running program in the VR headset. It also ensures that the audio cannot be heard from the surrounding but can only be heard in the device user ears. Some of the best earbuds available in the market areas discussed below:

1. Logitech – G333 VR Earbuds


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Logitech – G333 VR Earbuds are among the premier and most suitable earbuds to be used on the Oculus Quest 2. They are designed and distributed by Logitech. These earbuds are designed to be universally compatible with most VR headset devices available in the market. These devices function by directing audio into the user’s ear, filtering the external noise, and fully immersing them in the virtual reality experience. The earbuds were explicitly designed to be used on VR gaming devices. This makes the devices fully compatible with the Oculus Quest 2. The earbuds have two dedicated drivers to provide the best audio quality for virtual gaming. This is enhanced by these devices’ ability to filter noise and ensure that the user is in a complete immersion of the VR gaming experience.

These devices’ design has an aluminum housing to provide an eye-appealing physical look and a durable product (has a premium look). These earbuds come in varying dimensional sizes and design to ensure that various customers get the ear design that meets their specifications, providing user comfort. The in-ear design’s external texture is a soft-silicone tip that sits gently inside the user’s ear with great ease and comfort. Logitech – G333 VR Earbuds are designed with a 3.5mm aux port to achieve high-quality audio transmission through the aux connection. The devices come with multiple size silicone ear tips to fit a variety of ears.

Logitech – G333 VR Earbuds arrive with a short wire cord to connect the earbuds to the VR headset. The short wire cord reduces tangled wire disturbance significantly. The earbuds also have mapped straps that perfectly fit with the Oculus Quest 2 headset and gives its user minimal latency for optimal realism and improved comfortability.


  1. Logitech – G333 VR Earbuds have high compatibility with the Oculus Quest 2 as their design mainly targets their use on the Oculus Quest 2.
  2. They come with a short length cable with a 3.5mm aux connection that provides minimal audio latency and optimizes the gaming experience.
  3. Aluminum housing ensures the device’s durability and also makes it visually appealing.
  4. They come with varying size ear tips to ensure that they fit into various ear sizes and ensure user comfortability.


  1. Logitech – G333 VR Earbuds have limited compatibility with other aftermarket devices.
  2. These earbuds are relatively costly when compared to other devices in the market.

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2. KIWI design Earbuds

Kiwi Design Earbuds Vr

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These are among the best Oculus Quest 2 earbuds available in the market. They provide the best quality audio experience to the user. They are designed with high-quality audio filters that perform effective Noise Isolating when in use.

They are also designed with a 3D high-quality sound experience. When used with the Oculus Quest 2, they provide an ultimate immersive sound experience. An immersive sound experience is a dream come true for VR headset users searching for earbuds. The design of these earbuds features “10mm neodymium-magnet drivers”. This feature delivers an audio transmission with crunchy mid-tone, powerful bass, and clear, high-quality audio.

This helps the user immerse fully into the audio experience activity, especially during gameplay. The previous design of the Kiwi Design Earbuds was meant for the Oculus Quest 1. Still, recent improvements and tweaks to the design have rendered the earbuds compatible with the Oculus Quest 2.

These earbuds are designed to be lightweight and durable. They achieve this by making the devices using aluminum alloy and TPE material. They constitute a standard 8-inch cord that perfectly fits in with no snagging, reducing their weight and bulkiness. These earbuds’ design comes in varying sizes; this ensures that they fit comfortably into the varying ear sizes and sit firmly within.

Another fantastic feature that is embedded in this device is the noise cancellation feature. These earbuds filter the noises from the surrounding and disregard it when transmitting audio to the ear. The device delivers good bass and pleasant mid-high balances audio when it’s being used. This is facilitated by a design that adopts aluminum alloy housing and anodized technology. It also has a composite diaphragm and driver that enables a perfect balance in noise anticipation, filtering, and audio delivery. The choice of premium construction materials enhances noise cancellation and device comfortability. An ergonomic in-ear design and an external ear-cap assist the in ear-seal, preventing external noise and enabling an immersive hearing experience.

The use of kiwi design earbuds ensures that one experiences an immersive gaming experience; this is achieved through the device’s functional mechanism that provides the playback of a directional sound.


  1. The device is comfortable to use at all time; this is based on the design characteristic that makes it small, well-fitting, and lightweight
  2. The device offers the best and immersive gaming experience – the noise cancellation feature facilitates this.
  3. Long-lasting.


  1. Compatibility of these earbuds is only limited to the devices it was designed for and can minimally fit other devices
  2. Kiwi design earbuds are relatively expensive compared to other earbuds on the market.

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3. HyperX Cloud Earbuds

Hyperx Cloud Earbuds

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HyperX Cloud Earbuds are among the most comfortable and best quality earbuds that can be used with the Oculus Quest 2 VR headset. The earbuds are made with a short-threaded cord that will connect to the Oculus Quest 2 headset seamlessly. The short cable ensures comfortability while using the earbuds, especially when the VR experience involves moving around; they are less likely to have a hanging cord that degrades the device.

The device is designed to have a multi-function button. This enables the user to perform various audio controls while using the earbuds. For instance, controlling the sound levels when participating in chat enabled games. The device audio jack has a tangle-free, rubberized cable with a 90-degree angle plug that gives the earbud a less obtrusive connection to the gaming device. The device also comes with a carrying case that makes portability easy and secure.

The device comes with multiple varying-sized soft silicone ear tips to ensure user comfortability and allow for lengthy gaming sessions using the earbuds. The device has an enhanced bass experience and precise, immersive audio capabilities for use in gaming. The embedded dual-chamber drivers and spatial audio features included make these earbuds some of the best Oculus Quest 2 suitable earbuds on the market.


  1. The multifunctional button is one of these devices’ unique characteristics; it enables users to control their audio experience while wearing their devices.
  2. This device is highly compatible with other aftermarket products


  1. The device does not have inbuilt noise filters; thus, the noise can interrupt its audio capabilities.
  2. The devices are relatively costly as compared to other products in the market

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4. Oculus Quest In-Ear Earbuds

Oculus Quest In Ear Earbuds

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Oculus developed in-ear earbuds highly compatible with all their Oculus Quest devices, specifically the Oculus Quest 2. These earbuds’ development was purely intended for the earbuds use with Oculus devices. These earbuds design helps reinforce the inbuilt audio devices that comprise the Oculus Quest 2 headset. These earbuds take advantage of the available audio portal that is incorporated in every Oculus Quest 2 headset. These earbuds are designed with a short cord making them perfectly fitting and suitable for the short distance between the audio portal and the ear in the Oculus Quest 2. With this, the user can avoid having to tuck lengthier headset connections that can cause discomfort.

These earbuds are designed to provide the user with an immersive audio experience and a practical noise cancelation feature. A mono audio output also characterizes these devices. A smooth, high-quality sound experience affords the best audio experience as the output sound is multidirectional. The user cannot tell where the sound is coming from within the game, giving them that 3D experience. The earbuds also leverage Oculus’s spatial audio feature. It is embedded in the primary device, which has made these devices ultimately popular in the market. Their lower market pricing and compatibility with Oculus products offer the best and budget-friendly earbuds for the Oculus Quest 2 gaming headset.


  1. These devices offer instant compatibility with Oculus Quest 2 devices, making them the most appropriate and effective. This is especially helpful to individuals who have little knowledge in selecting the best earbuds on the market for the Oculus Quest 2.
  2. Oculus Quest In-Ear earbuds have a double port audio jack pin making their ability to utilize both audio jacks embedded in the Oculus Quest 2 VR headset flawless.
  3. These earbuds are designed with excellent comfortability consideration, as they are generally small and perfectly fit the device and are also relatively lightweight


  1. These earbud’s market price is relatively high, considering their quality compared with other overall high-quality earbuds in the market.
  2. The device manufacturer is yet to meet high-quality standards relative to other brands on the market. Thus, the device’s quality is relatively low and does not offer the best user experience for the Oculus Quest 2, as expected of the company that designs the headsets.
  3. These audio devices’ functionality is designed to have a mono audio output. This is a disadvantageous factor as it does not give its user the best 3D audio experience.

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5. SpectraShell OQ9 Earbuds

Spectrashell Oq9 Earbuds

Where To Purchase: Amazon

SpectraShell OQ9 earbuds are among the most compatible with the Oculus Quest 2 headset in the market. These earbuds work exclusively with the Oculus Quest 2 VR headset to give an inclusively immersive audio experience. They are made with a high-quality 9mm dynamic driver with a flexible silicone wire whose design looks perfectly matching with the Oculus Quest 2. The device provides the best audio experience to its users with a crunchy mid-tone deep bass. It clears gameplay audio giving the user a fully immersive gaming experience. When purchased, the device comes with multiple ear tips of various sizes to ensure that it fits the user’s ear depending on the size.

SpectraShell OQ9 earbuds’ design is split into two; thus, when used in the Oculus Quest 2, take full advantage of the device’s dual audio ports. A primary benefit of using these devices is that they are relatively cheap compared to other devices available on the market. These devices are of standard quality, economical, and offer complete compatibility with the Oculus Quest 2 headset.


  1. SpectraShell OQ9’s provide relatively reliable quality earbuds at an affordable price.
  2. The devices perform little audio enhancement when used on oculus quest 2. The high-quality audio released by the Oculus is retained by the earbuds when the audio is being put out.
  3. The device is made with a relatively short cord; it perfectly fits VR gameplay as it offers comfortability.


  1. The cheap shell material used to make the device translates to relatively low-quality devices with low durability.
  2. Audio output by these earbuds is not always clean as the earbuds are not built with noise filters.

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Earbuds are mainly used with the Oculus Quest 2 to enhance user audio experience and, at some point, aid in external noise cancellation. Multiple earbuds in the market can be used for audio output in the Oculus Quest 2. Some of the best earbuds that we recommend are the; SpectraShell OQ9 Earbuds, HyperX Cloud Earbuds, KIWI design Earbuds, Logitech – G333 VR Earbuds, and of course the Oculus Quest In-Ear Earbuds. The audio experience and quality are usually dependent on the earbuds of choice. They are all designed with varying functional features and capabilities.

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