5 Best Wi-Fi Adapters For Gaming

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Gaming computers require a strong internet connection to avoid interruptions during gaming or even prevent lagged connection to the hosting servers. As seen in many standard computers or gaming consoles, their Wi-Fi adapters have relatively low strength to support most gaming software’s required connection.

Therefore, this calls for a gamer to look for extra supporting adapters to boost their gaming devices’ power and connectivity ability. Wi-Fi adapters are primarily used to create or enhance the wireless connection between two devices.

These devices enable the feature if it is not available on the devices. Suppose the feature is available on the device. In that case, it boosts its strength to ensure that the connections are stable and can support the heavy traffic during gaming. Wi-Fi adapters usually come in varying sizes, shapes and with varying features. Embedded devices feature usually determine the device’s suitability and ability to meet one’s gaming requirement.

Wi-Fi Adapters are critical devices and have been applied in various fields to facilitate varying wireless network requirements based on one’s demand. The first wireless adapter was unveiled in early 2000 by the federal communication commission. The design of these devices was primarily to facilitate the data transfer between multiple devices via radio waves. Later they introduced enhancements and developments to the adapters to meet various user requirements.

When purchasing Wi-Fi adapters for gaming, there are multiple considerations to be made. This will ensure that the selected adapter will meet the optimum requirements of certain features related to specific gaming software. A suitable Wi-Fi adapter for gaming should handle true 4K native gaming requirements, real-time streaming of games, and fast rendering of videos at a basic level. The aim of all these enhancement features to Wi-Fi adapters are to upgrade the experience of a Wi-Fi network user.

They are intended to maximize the network’s power to ensure that the gaming devices get a stable internet connection to sustain the intense download and upload speeds. There is a wide range of adapters that have been developed and availed in the market. Some of the adapters available in the market include:

1. NETGEAR Nighthawk AC1900 Wi-Fi USB Adapter

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This is one of the best Wi-Fi adapters available in the market. Its characteristics include; excellent connection speed and perfect user connection bandwidth; with this, the device presents the best gaming capabilities/features. NETGEAR Nighthawk AC1900 can provide up to 600 Mbps on 2.4GHz, and 1300Mbps on 5GHz. This adapter has a dual-band connection feature, which allows the device to connect to more than one device without affecting the connection performance speeds. Someone who uses this adapter for gaming and heavy online streaming can describe this device as one of the most suitable for such functions.

This device is embedded with a 4×4 MIMO design, allowing the connected devices to download/upload data from the corresponding network/devices. NETGEAR Nighthawk AC1900 is a universally compatible device and can work with any router to offer faster internet connection speed. The compatibility of this device also extends to all the operating systems available in the market. In most cases, its installation is plug and play; there is no much complication of installations and set-ups. Controlling the device’s performance and set-up is done using the software that usually comes with the device.

This software is traditionally embedded with all the guides on set-ups and configuration. NETGEAR Nighthawk AC1900 adapter is the best in the market. The devices are embedded with a magnetic cradle, which allows for flexibility in its placement to get the best device signal.


  1. The adapter boosts the Wi-Fi speed to achieve powerful capabilities. It reaches impeccable Wi-Fi connection speeds ensuring that its users get the most stable gaming and online streaming experience.
  2. These devices offer the best network speeds connection, which will, in turn, bring about network stability during online gaming and other bandwidth-intensive operations.
  3. The device has a Dual-band Wi-Fi feature – this is a feature that enables faster connection to the network and eases the number of devices connected to a single channel.
  4. Explicitly, this adapter, besides boosting the Wi-Fi connection speed, also increases the network connection range and considerably boosts its reliability.
  5. The placement of these devices is quite flexible. The Magnetic cradle feature embedded in the device facilitates this goal.


  1. It does not support devices’ connection on longer distances; the longer the spaces between the devices and the adapter, the weaker the connection strength. Increasing the device’s area coverage during development will resolve this issue.
  2. Limited portability as the device is based on the USB platform; for one to use this device, it should be plugged into the pc. The device is therefore not suitable for a portable pc.

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2. ASUS PCE-AC88 PCIe Adapter

Asus Pce Ac88 Pcie Adapter (1)

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This is a Wi-Fi adapter manufactured and distributed by ASUS Company in the USA. The refined design feature of these devices is to help online gamers get the most stable and reliable Wi-Fi connections in their gaming devices. This device has the best Wi-Fi enhancement features by its dual-band feature, with a 4×4 adapter design.

This adapter can boost the user’s Wi-Fi speed up to 60% compared to the standard Wi-Fi speed. ASUS PCE-AC88 PCIe Adapter is built with a costume heatsink to facilitate the device’s efficient cooling, hence its ability to operate for a very long time without lagging off. With an effective heatsink to prevent overheating, the device can provide a stable and reliable connection for the heavy traffics brought about by online gaming or continuous streaming. ASUS PCE-AC88 PCIe Adapter has a dual-band feature embedded in it. Its basic design features which are 5GHz and 2.4GHz. They offer “5GHz at 2100Mbps and 2.4GHz at 1000Mbps” and are purely built based on “NitroQAM (1024-QAM) technology”. The placement of this device is relatively flexible as it is built with external magnetic antennae.

Also, the device’s antennae are made of R-SMA antenna connectors. With this feature, ASUS PCE-AC88 PCIe Adapter is compatible with a wide range of aftermarket devices and other antennae, which can be attached directly to the PCIe card for installation.

ASUS PCE-AC88 PCIe Adapter is made with a 4X4 transmission design. It makes it relatively versatile compared to other 3×3 transmitters. The 4×4 transmission features improvements in transmission speed and stability of the network.


  1. ASUS PCE-AC88 PCIe Adapter offers the most stable and ultra-fast Wi-Fi connection when used. This provides an improved and stable internet connection for smooth online gameplay. The speed boost from this adapter is up-to 60% of the stock adapter connection speed.
  2. Flexible antennae placement offered by the magnetic base connection makes this adapter’s placement flexible to achieve a better connection to the network.
  3. ASUS PCE-AC88 PCIe Adapter is designed with a Specialized heatsink – the heatsink design in this device makes it efficient in heat regulation and prevents heating devices. With this feature, this device can be functional for a relatively long time without lagging than other Wi-Fi adapters in the market.
  4. This device can operate in a heated environment, a feature facilitated by the device’s cooling design.
  5. This adapter offers a faster transmission rate per pulse; this is brought about by the intensive quadratic amplitude modulation integrated into the devices. The ability of this device to support QAM makes it a unique Wi-Fi adapter in the market.


  1. As compared to other devices in the market, ASUS PCE-AC88 PCIe Adapter is relatively expensive to purchase and maintain.
  2. The installation of this Wi-Fi device requires that the user device should have built-in “4×4 802.11ac wireless speeds: adapters to support the device’s ability to work in this new device environment.
  3. This device does not operate well in long distances ranges. The connection speed of these devices is relatively high when connected with closer devices. With an increase in the distance between the connected device and its antenna increases, the device’s transmission speed reduces considerably.

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3. OUR LINK Dual Band Dongle Adapter

Ourlink Wifi

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This is a Wi-Fi adapter designed with “5dBi Antenna LAN Card”. With this feature, these devices offer the best internet connection, which is strong and stable enough to support online gaming or heavy streaming. The use of OUR LINK Dual Band Dongle Adapter reduces connection interference. It boosts the connection speed range to connection services that are lag-free. This type of connection is usually ideal for online game players and online video streaming.

This device offers a high-speed internet connection of “600Mbps with, 5GHz connection speed at 433Mbps and 2.4 GHz at 150Mbps.” These devices are built with “802.11AC technology and the 5dBi omnidirectional dual-band antenna”. These devices offer the best connection speed and Wi-Fi network stability.

Besides offering the best connection and boost to Wi-Fi connection, these devices are embedded with a feature that enables one to share a Wi-Fi connection with other devices. This is facilitated by an in-built SoftAp feature that allows the device to create a hotspot for other devices to connect to the internet.

All the device features are well designed to ensure that the device’s user can experience the device with ease. All the drivers required to run these devices are in a cd, which the user uses to install and can run all the devices feature on the pc.


  1. This adapter increases the Wi-Fi connection speed significantly. The dual-band antenna significantly boosts its efficiency in improving the internet speed.
  2. Secondary device connections – this adapter is embedded with a SoftApp feature that enables the device to create a Wi-Fi Hotspot and allow other devices to connect to the internet.


  1. This device does not support a large number of device connections. An increase in the number of devices connected to this adapter affects the devices’ connection speed and can cause lagging internet connection.
  2. The device connection speed seems to drop every 10 minutes for about 15 seconds before regaining its initial connection speed. This affects the user connection stability.

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4. Trendnet TEW-809UB Wireless USB Receiver

Tew 809ub Ieee 802 11ac (1)
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Stable and high-speed Wi-Fi connection is every gamer’s dream to ensure that they have a practical and fair gaming experience. Standard Wi-Fi adapters usually offer relatively high speed and reduced stability, quickly interrupted by any stronger signal wave in the surrounding. To ensure that the target gaming experience is achieved by having the best Wi-Fi connections, one will need to get a supportive Wi-Fi adapter. One of the best adapters that can be used is the “Trendnet AC1900 Wi-Fi adapter”. These devices are characterized by a “dual-band connection feature with 5GHz at 1300 Mbps and 600 Mbps at 2.4GHz”. With this feature, these devices can boost Wi-Fi connecting strength and stability to ensure that a gamer experiences a high speed, lag-free internet connection.

The trendnet adapter supports “802.11a/b/g/n and ac” networking standards; with this, the device can offer the best networking and up to date networking standards. With these standards, its user can experience fast and stable internet connection through the increased signal strength and a Beamforming network technology.

The design of Trendnet adapters takes the approach that uses high-power radio transmission. It also has detachable antennas. They enable users to connect to any transmission within the device coverage area at a relatively high connection strength offering high-speed internet connections. The installation of these devices takes the plug and play approach. This is why the devices are directly connected to the system where the device drivers are installed automatically. These devices’ user experience is usually the best. It has a visible led indicator that enables its user to identify when the device is powered on and functioning.


  1. These adapters have the most effortless installation procedure (plug and play).
  2. The device offers a high-speed Wi-Fi connection within the device’s proximity. With this, its user gets the best internet experience suitable for gaming and the performance of other bandwidth-intensive operations.


  1. Trendnet TEW-809UB is usually large and conspicuous – with this physical feature, its portability is significantly reduced.
  2. A USB cable facilitates this adapter’s connection to the pc. This cable is usually short, and its operation proximity is very short.
  3. This device only operates entirely within short-range proximity. An increase in the distances between this adapter and the connecting devices usually affects its connection speed and stability.

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5. TP-Link T6E Wi-Fi PCI-Express Wireless Network Card

Tp Link T6e

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TP-Link T6E offers ultimately fast, stable, and reliable internet connections, which are usually ideal for online gaming. This device is characterized by “AC1300 to output up to 1300Mbps speed on dual 5GHz at 867Mbps or 2.4GHz 400Mbps” internet connection speed. The device connection range is exceptionally incomparable with other adapters in the market. This is facilitated by the 2x external antennas that boost the device’s range coverage with improved network stability and connection speed.

TP-Link T6E adapter, compared with other devices in the market, is seen to be three times faster than the standard antennas. With this feature, the devices can offer lag-free intensive internet connections. TP-Link T6E Wi-Fi PCI adapter has the highest secondary/other aftermarket device compatibility. This aspect makes it one the most suitable Wi-Fi adapter in the market for gamers seeking to experience an explicit and reliable internet connection of fast and stable online gaming. This device is easy to install and use. It offers exceptional features that are ideal for perfect online gameplay and massive bandwidth-consuming online activities.


  1. This device can connect to multiple aftermarket devices. This feature is facilitated by the device’s ability to support Wi-Fi 6 & Bluetooth 5 connections.
  2. TP-Link T6E Wi-Fi PCI adapter avails the best Wi-Fi connections of up to 1300mbps connection speed. At such rates, the devices can support any online bandwidth-intensive activities.
  3. The device’s compatibility is not only limited to standard PCs but also supported by small-factor personal computers. This increases the device’s application spectrum as it is not limited to high-end machines only.
  4. The devices are designed with an inbuilt heatsink to help it be operational in heated environments and for a relatively long time without lagging the connection.


  1. This device is only limited to Windows operating system-based devices. There are no drives to enable these devices to run on platforms-based windows or Mac operating systems. With this, its compatibly is significantly reduced.

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To Conclude

Any gamer seeking to have explicit and stable connections in online gaming should consider getting one of these Wi-Fi adapters to boost their connection speed. There are many types of adapters in the market. These adapters come with varying features and capabilities. We recommend choosing one of the adapters we have highlighted to optimize your gaming activities.

These adapters allow for seamless online and virtual gaming due to their increased stability, band options, and relatively higher speeds. If you are in the market for one, we highly recommend one of these adapters. Enhance your gameplay and forget about connection drops while enjoying your favorite games. The choice is yours, depending on your specific needs.