50 Super Useful Links & Resources for Unity Developers

Resources For Unity Developers

When we talk about one of the best cross-platform game development engines today, it’s so difficult to not mention Unity. Since its official launch in 2005, Unity has grown to become a heavyweight in the world of game development.

It is theorized that almost half of the world’s mobile video games are developed in Unity, granting developers the opportunity to buy, design, and incorporate digital props such as sound effects, forest, and even virtual characters.

Unity, over time, has gone beyond providing an enabling platform for game developers to thrive. Nowadays, the software engine is now fully utilized by 3D designers to create CGI effects in movies, building designs, and even architecture.

As a budding developer looking to improve your skills with Unity, there are several resources on the internet. But which ones are just perfect for you? Instead of worrying yourself surfing the web, we’ve curated the best resources that will help develop your skills in Unity.

And here we go:

#1 Unity (Official).

There’s no better place to start than on Unity’s official YouTube channel. In here, you’d find a truckload of contents including game previews and reviews, developer interviews, and tutorials.

#2 Plural Sight.

This is a paid subscription platform to learn all there is to Unity development. This learning platform provides content from a quick start to expert-level development on Unity.

#3 3D Buzz.

This website provides high-valued resources for game development and design (which includes Unity). You’d see plenty of live sessions, videos, and lessons to glean from. Ensure you stick around.

#4 LessMilk.

Don’t let the name fool you. This website is dedicated to covering all the basics of Unity development with specific 2D tutorials. What’s more? LessMilk also offers 2D tutorials for HTML5.

#5 Udemy.

One of the heavyweights hosting online resources, Udemy also offers paid courses in Unity development. The site is constantly updated, so you can be up-to-speed with trendy design skills.

#6 Unity Student.

Featuring 2D and 3D development courses, this is also a recommended resource to stay grounded with Unity.

#7 Catlike Coding.

This is a Patreon-funded platform that offers lessons on not just Unity but also logic, C#, and mathematics.

#8 Unity 3DIY.

This is a blog dedicated to Unity 3D development with recommended articles, news, and lessons.

#9 Unity Wiki.

This is Wikipedia for Unity development. This website contains highly recommended links to tools, projects, and tutorials that’d help you to become a Unity developer.

#10 Unity3D Student.

This website isn’t updated regularly updated but it is filled with a treasure trove of Unity resources that you need.

#11 Digital Tutors.

This is a subscription-based platform offering over 2,000 courses on Unity development, from beginner to expert-level.

#12 Brackeys.

This is a website devoted to game development on a generic level but has a good number of lessons on Unity development.

#13 Walker Boys Studio.

This platform offers Unity development courses along with CV development and corporate training which might be useful.

#14 Master Indie.

This YouTube channel hosts over 1,000 videos on Unity dev, including lessons on FPS, AI, and how to successfully host live streams.

#15 Master Developers.

This channel, manned by 3 Italian men, offers a unique take on Unity Development with several tutorial videos to whet your appetite.

#16 Tornado Twins.

Here’s a channel devoted to game development in general and not just Unity dev. You would find some of the content valuable in your journey to becoming a game developer.

#17 VBM Games.

This YouTube channel offers expert tutorials on Unity 2D game development. With over 2,000 active monthly subscribers, this channel may turn out to be your favorite.

#18 Unity Forum.

This is an official forum devoted to the discussion of Unity related topics. You’d find a lot of topics and subfolders addressing graphics, multiplayer, and other concerns you may have.

#19 /r/Unity 2D.

This is a subreddit for Unity 2D development. A lot of information is archived here.

#20 /r/Unity 3D.

This is just like the above, except this time it’s for Unity 3D development.

#21 50 Tips for Working with Unity.

This development magazine offers some of the coolest tricks to master Unity. There are a ton of other great contents there.

#22 Unity Ninja.

This is a forum solely based on Unity development. It encompasses a discussion section where you can showcase your pet project, seek advice from experts, or collaborate with others.

#23 BurgzergArcade.

This website features a massive collection of Unity dev tutorials including 3D menus, GUI basic and so much more.

#24 Learn Unity 2D.

If the name is any indication, this is a website devoted to Unity 2D development. This platform features tutorials on 2D games launched with Unity.

#25 Ray Wenderlich Tutorials.

This is a go-to website for game development tutorials. Here, you can learn how to utilize Unity 3D for iOS.

#26 Unity Answers.

Got any pressing questions pertaining to Unity? You can ask them there. What’s more? You can read answers to questions asked by other users there as well.

#27 ArmedUnity.

This is another great Unity forum displaying several blogs and projects. You can also seek help, showcase your projects, and connect with like minds.

#28 CGcookie.

This is a paid resource platform offering numerous Unity courses for arguably discounted fees. You can opt to pay per course or subscribe for the entire month to get access to several courses.

#29 /r/Unity_Tutorials.

If you’re looking for where to get the best Unity tutorials, this forum is your best bet. The subreddit forum is frequently updated with new tips for you to master your development skills.

#30 Quill18Creates.

This YouTube channel is focused on Unity 3D game development. However, there are several topics hosted that you might find interesting.

#31 UnityKnowHow.

If you’re a beginner, this is the best place to start. This YouTube channel features great content that will help you thrive in your career.

#32 Unity Mobile Development Tutorial.

If you’re already conversant with the basics, you can head to this platform to learn right from the source.

#33 Envato Tuts.

This platform offers incredible eBooks and courses on Unity 2D and 3D Development. Some of the courses include 2D lightning effects, animation, scripting, realistic CGI, and lots more.

#34 Team TreeHouse.

This website offers hundreds of high-quality subscription-based courses on Unity dev, UX design, Python, and community building.

#35 DigitalErr0r.

If you want to know all there is to shading with Unity, this blog offers that and more. You can begin your shading skills with the excellent content featured here.

#36 Jesse Etzler.

One of the best ways to learn Unity dev is from a professional. Jesse Etzler is an expert QA tester for Activision and has published hundreds of videos on Unity to improve your skills.

#37 Rambling Coder.

This is another YouTube channel you should check out for the best resources on Unity. This channel features videos on game development and critique. It also runs several episodes on using Unity and Blender to create game characters.

#38 Unity School.

Ever listened to someone talk about the creation of his games, leaving everything bare? This blog is just what you need. Here, you can all there is to game creation and analysis.

#39 Unity Coder.

This blog is updated weekly with Unity related contents for your learning process. The tutorial style has an organic feel that you’d definitely enjoy. The platform also contains an asset store for your perusal.

#40 The Debug Log.

Not exactly a learning platform, this podcast blog features news, happenings, and updates surrounding Unity and Unity developers.

#41 VanishingPoint.

This platform offers a virtual marketplace for 3D models for Unity and other game development engines. On request, an asset can be created.

#42 Polycount Wiki.

This resource platform not only features fascinating content on game developments on Unity but on other engines as well.

#43 Unity Toolbag.

Unity Toolbag is a repository containing Unity scripts and tools developed by a professional game developer, Nick Gravelyn.

#44 Share CG.

This website offers fascinating tutorials on 3D modeling with videos to guide you through the process.

#45 The Knights of Unity.

This is a home of valuable Unity dev tutorials for beginner and expert developers. The site is constantly updated with useful content to develop your skills.

#46 rm2kdev.

This YouTube channel is dedicated to 2D Unity development with a side focus on GameMaker Studio. You would find some of his Unity RPG tutorials impressive.

#47 Pushy Pixels.

Thinking about how to expertly create a new Unity project successfully? Maybe you should subscribe to this YouTube channel. You can tune into their “Cooking With Unity” episodes scheduled every Monday.

#48 BrentM.

If you’re looking to develop 2D video games with Unity, this is a good place to start. Here, you’d learn the basics of Unity 2D and how you can develop a wonderful 2D game.

#49 AutoDesk Unity Forum.

This AutoDesk forum hosts discussions on Unity and Scaleform development. You should be part of it.

#50 Unity Tutorials.

As the name already suggests, this website features valuable Unity tutorials including AI, graphics, and mechanics.