We’re an independent VR/AR company from Canada working with a global team to create brand new immersive VR content whether that is experiences or videogames.

Why we got into the VR space is because we believe it has unlimited potential as a medium to teach, entertain, discover and much more. VR is still in its infancy so we want to do our best to create unique immersive experiences that will make people believe in the power of VR.

Our goal is to make experiences that will make people realize the true power and capabilities of VR. Whether that is by transporting someone to a place they have never been to or teaching them real life skills through the practicality of VR. Everyone has heard “the possibilities are endless” but with VR it is true and we intend to show you.

Whether it is a VR experience made by us or a post you see on our blog. We are going to use the best people in the field to produce the best content possible.