10 Best Virtual Reality Meditation & Relaxation Experiences

Charming Girl Experiencing Virtual Reality At Home

In one Statista poll, nearly 47 percent of the interviewees cited “the feeling of entering another world” as the most stimulating part of Virtual Reality (VR).

That’s nearly half of the lot lending credence to the idea that while we love the real reality, many of us would prefer making regular visits to virtual worlds.

For those wondering what on earth is VR – the clue lies in the name. VR leverages technology to immerse your mind, vision, and feelings in a world that doesn’t actually exist. 

In a nutshell, you could be underwater, enjoying a view of the sea life at the comfort of your couch, all thanks to the convenience of a VR headset.

And its uses are far-reaching than you can imagine. For instance, the US military uses VR in training soldiers to survive different land terrains. From education to healthcare, sports to fashion, it’s no doubt that VR’s potential dramatically cuts across all realms and industries.  

But perhaps even more noteworthy is the usage of VR in meditation.  

VR Meditation; Your Path to Fulfillment, Relaxation and Happiness.

To meditate is to enter a deep state of mind or mental relaxation. And total concentration, free from any disturbances such as sounds or visuals, is always critical.

Unfortunately, many people struggle to meditate. The biggest reason is that keeping your mind still is easier said than done.

And that’s where VR comes in. 

VR meditation technologies can help your mind enter a world explicitly designed to encourage relaxation and balance. This controlled environment allows your mind to focus on the ongoing experiences shunning any other distractors.

So what are some VR meditation experiences to try?

Top 10 VR Meditation Experiences

This comprehensive list cares for different user needs, whether you’re after a musical experience, exploration, total tranquility, or would like a more physical VR meditation that involves motions.

Let’s jump right in;

1. Flow VR

Flow VR
Source: oculus.com

Breach VR engineered the Flow VR to help introduce beginners to meditation.

It helps a user concentrate on the six elements of attaining inner balance: breathing, motion, focusing, letting go, calming down, and restoration.

Flow VR features amazing Iceland sceneries in 4K quality with accompanying musical experiences to help users enjoy the benefits of meditation.

 2. Tai Chi Trainer XR

Tai Chi Trainer XR
Source: taichitrainerxr.com

Shao Long’s Tai Chi Trainer XR is the app for individuals searching for physically active forms of meditation.

The VR uses ancient Chinese moves consisting of gentle, flowing motion to unlock your Chi— the energy that binds the mind and body.

It features four modes, including a quick 5-minute morning routine to fit your busy schedule and an AR (Augmented Reality) version to switch to as you get better at meditating.

3. Where Thoughts Go 

Where Thoughts Go
Source: oculus.com

 Where Thoughts Go is more of a reflection than a meditation app. Still, all are intertwined and connected to the mind.

Thought Co.’s app offers an out-of-the-box social experience never seen anywhere. It all unfolds in tranquil surroundings filled with free-moving spheres. Pick a sphere, and a voice will speak. 

These voices are actual recordings of real secret users sharing their thoughts, goals, and stories, as per the questions in every stage.

Apart from listening to others, you can also leave your thoughts to encourage someone else.

4. KameaVR 

Source: store.steampowered.com

Yogis and Buddhists both teach the importance of clearing chakra in reinstating balance to the mind and body. 

At the center of the body lies seven chakras that bring balance and heal through meditation. 

KameaVR by Rocket Science features 20-minute sessions that help you eliminate the negative and reinstate the positive

5. Google Earth VR

Google Earth VR
Source: arvr.google.com

Google Earth VR is like the world in the palm of your hands. And just like its name suggests, it is Google Earth built-in virtual reality. 

It encourages relaxation and exploration by letting you trot the whole globe like you were a god watching, from an aerial or ground view.

Apart from visiting the magnificent places in the “Featured” section, you can choose to wander around and see where you end up. 

6. Guided Meditation VR

Guided Meditation VR
Source: https://cubicleninjas.com/

With 27 nature-rich surroundings harboring up to 500 meditation areas, different soundtracks, and various stories to choose from, Cubicle Ninjas’ Guided Meditation VR is an excellent way to get away from the hustle and bustle of the 21st-century demands.

This app guides you through the various meditation practices that are both rewarding and fulfilling.

7. Mind Labyrinth VR Dreams

Mind Labyrinth VR Dreams
Source: store.steampowered.com

The Mind Labyrinth VR Dreams by Frost Earth Studio is arguably the best Meditation 101 module for starters. It takes users through runs of natural sceneries. And along the way, you find inspirational quotes like “breathe slowly” to help you achieve balance and inner peace.

Soundtracks accompany different environments to create the perfect mood and ensure optimal experiences. 

8. Sheaf – Together EP 

Sheaf – Together EP
Source: store.steampowered.com

 Sheaf is a free VR music experience that lets you drive down a never-ending highway while enjoying a view of nature and the city to soothing music.

The whole audio is based on Sheaf’s (a real music producer) debut EP ‘Together,’ a 3-song synthwave album, and combines perfectly with the visuals to help users unwind. 

9. TheBlu

Source: store.steampowered.com

If going deep underwater to the beautiful sea life makes you relax, then this VR experience by Wevr is something to try. 

With several modes that feature many unique aquatic environments and species, the underwater journey has a lot to offer users.

TheBlu also features an uninterrupted meditative version dubbed the Ambient Mode built explicitly to take users to a deep state of relaxation. 

10. ReMind

Source: viveport.com

Vive Studios developed ReMind to help users relax and let go. It trains one to unchain from pressing issues, overcome bad habits, and achieve “Infinite Lightness.” 

The platform uses simple and fun activities to help users let go of negative energy. 

Final Words

You can effectively rewire your brain with any of the above mentioned VR meditation experiences.  

By using these apps, you invite peace and relaxation in your day to day life. So, take control of your life by picking your favorite app. 

Happy Mindful Meditation!