VR News Roundup #3

1. Insta360 releases another trailer for its new camera

Insta360 has posted another trailer for its new camera that will be released tomorrow. Here’s the new trailer: Read More

2. Case Study: Can Gamification Amplify AR Ads?

AR advertising is on pace to reach $1.41 billion this year and $8.02 billion by 2024, according to ARtillery Intelligence. Advertisers’ growing affinity for AR resonates with their creative sensibilities, transcending 2D formats. Part II of the report features case studies that map to various stages of the consumer purchase funnel. Read More

3. Can Virtual Reality Games Lead To Violent Behavior?

Virtual reality is a simulated experience where people interact with computer-generated elements in a seemingly real way. Many are concerned about the effects of virtual violence. Existing virtual reality games have already invoked all sorts of reactions. In February, the American Psychological Association reaffirmed their stance on video game violence. Read More

4. Squad Partners With Snap To Create Augmented Reality Creative Outlets

Squad has partnered with Snap Inc. to utilize Camera Kit. Squad is a screen-sharing platform where users can watch their favorite movies and browse apps together. Users will be able to use Snapchat lenses as they chat and watch videos together. It will give users new ways to share and express their individuality. Read More

5. Haunted Headsets: Spooky and Supernatural VR Games for October and Beyond

The Walking Dead: Saints & Sinners, Lies Beneath, and Duck Season are just some of our favorite ghost-themed games. We also highlight games for the faint of heart, like Ghost Giant and Waltz of the Wizard. Check out the full list below, ranked roughly from “drinking a warm cup of cider by the fire” to “barricading the doors and windows” Read More

6. Schell Games Shares the Developer Process Behind ‘Until You Fall,’ Now Available on Oculus Quest

Arcade-inspired roguelite Until You Fall recently launched on Oculus Quest. Schell Games wanted to create a melee combat game in VR that could be fast, frenetic and make you feel powerful. The wireless nature of the headset really allows for full freedom of movement. Read More

7. Where to Change Quest 2 Privacy Settings and See Your VR Data Collected by Facebook

Oculus Quest 2 is the first Facebook headset to require a Facebook account. Privacy settings can be changed in the Oculus Privacy Center. By default, voice commands are stored on Facebook’s servers. You can change this by disabling the ‘Store Voice Commands’ option in your headset. Read More

8. How virtual reality can make your freelance work better

Learn about a topic or niche you less familiar with. Fight writer’s block. Conquer burnout and improve your well-being. If you are bored or feel exhausted with your freelance life, virtual reality can help you relieve the stress of work. To be successful at freelancing, you need to be able to find and share better content. Read More

9. 3 Things Holding VR Back Right Now

Virtual reality has been around for a while, but it never really became as popular as inventions like email or instant messaging apps. The lack of quality content means fewer people are interested in it, which means fewer companies are encouraged to create engaging, creative content around it. Headsets are clunky and difficult to take along with you to show your friends in a public setting. Read More