YouTube Gaming Channel Ideas: The Ultimate Guide 

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Let’s face it – a good deal will go a long way to help you start a gaming channel on YouTube. Unsurprisingly, almost 5 billion videos are viewed daily on YouTube, so we understand how it feels to be a new YouTuber.

However, a few things often go wrong when creating a channel, which is why we want to help you with ideas on how to build a channel from scratch. But before then, here’s a brief overview of this article:

  • Gaming channel name suggestions
  • Equipment setup ideas
  • How to set goals for your channel uploads
  • How to enhance your channel through collaborations.

Ready, let’s cut to the chase:

What Your YouTube Channel Name Should Accomplish

  1. Set the tone for your channel

Preferences tend to differ from each individual. While some will want the name to sound professional, others will prefer something adventurous. It can be anything – from intelligence to something simple. Whichever name you choose, ensure that it aligns with the tone of your channel.

  1. Help your target audience find you

If you’re starting on YouTube, you’ll want to incorporate your brand name for visibility. However, you’ll have to think about potential keywords if you’re launching a new channel for a new brand. Most importantly, the keywords should tell the audience what you do. Instead of “Julianne Quinn,” for instance, you may use “Julianne Quinn cooking skills.”

  1. Easy to read, easy to remember, and easy to search

While it takes time to gain subscribers to your channel, you might want your audience to remember your content later. “Workout with Remy Shawn” is uncomplicated and easy to remember, unlike “WorkoutGuru35060249.” Whatever it takes, make it short and sweet for memorability.

YouTube Gaming Usernames to Avoid 

Launching a YouTube channel can be frustrating when it comes to choosing a username. While there are names that are good bets, there are many others you may want to avoid. Meanwhile, you’ll want to avoid the following when creating your channel’s name.

  • Incorporating many digits: Most people will often include numbers to their channel name probably because the initial name was unavailable. Even so, users are likely not to remember those extra digits. Consider using an original name rather than digits, unless it’s part of your channel name. For example, “101Collection”.
  • Adding symbols in your name: Again, you’ll want to avoid adding symbols to your YouTube channel unless it takes part in your brand. More often, symbols are associated with the spam.
  • Paying attention to something timely: Okay, we understand that you want to keep your audience updated. But is this a good idea? Well, a time-sensitive channel name won’t be useful for an extended period. A trending name is more likely to feel dated once the trend is over.
  • Avoid using foul language: While you may find it hilarious to name your channel Asshole, such a name will limit your market. This is because it lacks direction. Users may find it hard to predict your channel’s goals, ending up generating no views or shares. Remember, you aim to generate shares from your videos.

YouTube Gaming Channel Ideas – Building From Scratch

Idea 1: Select your variety

Idea 2: Think branding-name suggestions

Idea 3: Consider equipment

Idea 4: Set video goals

Idea 5: Reach out

1. Choose Your Variety

Before choosing your gaming category, it would help if you answer the following questions:

  • Let’s play: Do you intend to specialize in a single variety of games or play different genres? How long or short will your uploads be? Which mode will you use to address your audience?
  • Tutorials: Think of the games that you’re best at and outline; which of them could you teach successfully? Are you going to provide general guidelines on how to play or go in-depth? Do you have experience in creating tutorials?
  • Live Streams: What types of games do you intend to stream? What’s your streaming routine like – daily, weekly, you name it! Is YouTube your primary streaming platform, or do you plan on interchanging it with Twitch?

Pro Tip: Consider playing the part of the game on Twitch live, and then upload a video recording of yourself playing on YouTube.

  • Reviews: How detailed will your reviews be? What style will you use to format your reviews – off-screen or live? Do you have a primary genre, or do you want to be a mixed player? Which gaming review channels are you fascinated with? And what exactly makes you fascinated about them?
  • Other (a combination of the above): What is your primary focus? Or will you play a combination of the above – let’s play, tutorials, reviews? Which gaming channels are your inspirations?

2. Think of Branding-Name Suggestions

You want to build your brand image while enhancing its visibility on YouTube. Creating content alone won’t enhance your visibility; instead, think about your branding and develop an innovative image.

Such include a channel name, artwork, or even a logo. Consider integrating your YouTube channel with social media platforms such as Instagram and Twitter to enhance your popularity. Doing so will mean that you value your viewers at all times. Unlike logos and artworks, creating a channel name can be daunting, especially when the username is unavailable.

YouTube Gaming Channel Name Ideas

If you’re an all-round player, choose something that’s general. That’s because you want your channel name to be relevant to a wide variety of games since you’re not planning to focus on a specific genre. A combination of a name and a game is a good bet. So if your name is Julianne, then JulianneGame or JulianneGamming can be a great option.

Meanwhile, you’ll have to go for something more straightforward if you have a specific gaming niche. Whatever you choose, make it simple, easy to pronounce, and memorable. For example, if your variety is Sports tutorials, consider naming it SportsTutorials. While this might seem boring, it’s worth keeping your audience glued to your channel.

If you’re still finding it difficult to think of a username, we recommend using a username generator. Below are some of our best suggestions. You can use one of them to filter usernames based on keywords and interests, and the other one based on word forms.

  • SpinXO
  • Jimpix

3. Consider Equipment

We’ve provided you with setups from gaming YouTubers, including channels of varying sizes, to give you an idea of equipment to integrate into your channel. Even more, we’ll let you know the kind of equipment each channel incorporates based on sizes.

Equipment Examples From Real YouTubers

  1. Less than 50k Subscribers: NotVali’s Setup
  • NotVali:  46k subscribers with up up to 43 uploaded videos
  • Channel description: Content Developer on YouTube
  • PC: Custom build PC – EVGA GeForce (GPU) and AMD Ryzen CPU
  • Recording: Streamlabs OBS broadcasting software for live streaming
  • Audio: Shure Vocal Dynamic Microphone.
  1. Over 100k Subscribers: NoisyButters’ Setup
  • NoisyButters: 331k subscribers with 286 uploaded videos
  • Channel description: “Hey, you all! My name is Butters, and I like to make videos on gaming, technology, vlogs, and other topics I find interesting. Positivity and Happiness!”
  • PC: Custom build PC – MSI GeForce GTX (GPU) and Intel i7 CPU
  • Recording: Logitech Webcam
  • Audio: Blue Blackout Spark Condenser Microphone.
  1. Over a Million Subscribers: Jacksepticeye’s Setup
  • Jacksepticeye: 21m subscribers with 4,090 videos uploaded
  • Channel description: “Top of the morning to you, ladies! Welcome to my channel, my name is jacksepticeye. I am a very energetic let’s player with a big heart who just wants to have fun and make people happy. Subscribe if you are into daily gameplay videos as well as live-action and sketch comedy videos”.
  • PC: Custom build PC – EVGA GeForce and Intel i7 CPU
  • Recording: Sony a7R II Alpha Mirrorless Digital Camera
  • Audio: Neumann U 87 Ai Large-diaphragm Condenser Microphone.

By now, you must have noticed that EVGA GeForce GPU is popular equipment among YouTube gamers. Such similarities will help you leverage the right equipment for your gaming channel.

4. Set Video Goals

As much as the frequency is key to attracting viewers, it’s worth considering the quality. Many gamers are productive when it comes to uploading videos. That’s why you’ll find thousands of uploaded videos on many popular channels. More often, it becomes a challenge to upload frequently while maintaining quality. As such, you need to have a realistic plan and goals for uploaded videos.

Additionally, your YouTube channel will determine how often you upload your videos. Both live streaming and game reviews run on different schedules. For example, you cannot upload a single review per day on a game you played off-screen.

Most importantly, do what you’re capable of while keeping your schedule going. This will ensure that you’re at par with your audience, especially once your channel starts generating traffic.

If you’re just starting, we recommend uploading many videos at once to enhance your content base. When you upload varieties at first, users can quickly tell what the channel entails. As a result, your YouTube channel will attract lots of subscribers.

Finally, you’ll want to set a schedule that will be useful to both you and your subscribers. It’s possible to procrastinate without a realistic program, thus inactivity. Set aside a day that you’re committed to uploading videos and be disciplined to it.

Meanwhile, refrain from uploading videos unnecessarily without reason. Even if you’re committed to uploading one video every week, subscribers will come anticipating that weekly video, and that’s precisely what you want.

5. Reach Out

Once you’ve established a content base for your channel, it might be time to reach out. You can reach out to many other gamers within your YouTube neighborhood. Most importantly, these YouTubers should have a similar amount of subscribers and upload similar content of the same quality and quantity.

Upon reaching out to other games, you’ll be increasing your collaboration chances. Again, make sure that you’re reaching out to channels that are within your standards; otherwise, you might end up not getting a response at all.

However, you can still reach out to your favorite channel even if their subscriber count is much higher than yours. Meanwhile, keep contacting similar YouTubers to enhance your chances of getting feedback.

That’s said, let’s take a look at some of the tips to attract a successful collaboration among YouTubers. Shall we?

Your First Gaming Collaboration: What to Know First

i) Search For Email Addresses

Once you’re done speculating the entire YouTube industry, proceed to the YouTube About Page to find their email addresses. And because this collaboration is professional-based, embrace the email etiquette and address them by name. Further, state your reasons for collaborating with them and provide some collaboration ideas. You can also reach out to other YouTubers through social platforms; however, an email appears more professional and honest.

ii) Make a Deal

If you’ve found a YouTuber, who’s willing to collaborate with you, come up with a deadline for creating the video. Set aside a tight schedule on how to go about the entire production. Plus, the plan has to be realistic and dated.

iii) Finalize the Deal

After creating a collaboration video, come up with a rational decision on how you both intend to release the videos. While each of you will upload different videos on separate channels, we recommend releasing them as “Part 1” and “Part 2”. Meanwhile, ensure that you include a link that directs your audiences to the other channel for the other part.

iv) Discuss how you Intend to Promote Each Other’s Channel 

Before you can finalize the deal, make sure to discuss your marketing skills. Because honestly, it would be disappointing if you effortlessly direct your audience to your collaborator’s channel, but you don’t get the same.

v) Decide on the Timing

Finally, it would be best if you considered the time you both will release the collaborated videos. Alternatively, you can decide to put your audience on anticipation, so they are always on the watch. Whichever approach you take, make sure to discuss it ahead of time.

Time to Get Started

Now that you’ve had an excellent read, we hope that you find this article helpful and that you’re encouraged to launch your gaming channel. YouTube is always an innovative platform that lets you create content while enhancing your social skills.